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Go Egg Incubator by Autoelex

Evan Blass
autoelex go egg incubator

As you're well aware, we love wacky gadgets, and we love foreign gadgets, and we especially love those foreign gadgets whose translated write-ups give us a chuckle. Well the Go Egg Incubator by Korean manufacturer Autoelex manages to cover all three bases, by promising to provide a "micro computer that is smarter than hens [which] promptly sets up the all necessary conditions." Apparently you can drop any old egg in this incubator, "from quail to duck" they say, and come back in about 21 days to a hatched baby bird of your choice. Besides being well-suited for "bird maniacs," as the company suggests, this device has the added potential of convincing many youngsters to go vegan, when they discover what their McChicken would have grown up to become.

[Via TRFJ and AVing]

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