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If you bought a G5 or Powerbook in the last 14 days, Apple may let you trade up to a new one


Zach stumbled across Apple's new "Self Service Transition Program" page. Let's just call it SSTP since it's been a long day and we're tired. Anyway, you know how some people are always whining lamenting about how they just bought what they thought was the latest and greatest Apple product only last week and then Jobs & Co have the nerve to release something later, greater - or, heaven forbid... cheaper - before the new computer smell has even worn off last week's purchase?  Well it looks like Apple is trying to make a few of those folks a little happier.

"Apple has recently announced several enhancements to our product lines and we are offering customers the option to select one of our new products. You may change your order or request a return using this web site. Please enter your order and email information below"

Those in the know say your original purchase has to be a) from the Apple retail store or Apple online store and b) within 14 days of when the "enhanced" products are announced. So no way I'm getting a partial refund on that Powerbook I bought in May.

Now that I think about it, this is really just a much more user-friendly version of their existing 14-day return policy, but it's a significant improvement to the process, so it's worth mentioning.

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