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Ask Engadget: Best home WiFi router?

Peter Rojas
Ask Engadget

Ok, so Ask Engadget is back after a little hiatus. We can't promise that it'll be better than ever, but from here on out it should at least be as good as it ever was. Anyway, for this week's question reader Edward G. wants some advice on picking a new WiFi router. His question is straight and to the point (i.e. just the way we like it):

I'd like to submit the following question to Ask Engadget: "What's the best wireless router out there for the home user?"

Our Linksys WRT54G has served us surprisingly well over the past 18 months or so (at least given how sucky our first Linksys router was), but there are way fancier models out there now, so as usual we're opening up the floor to your suggestions. Any advice?

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