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Noxon2Audio WiFi Internet Radio

Noxon2Audio internet radio

Yeah, everybody and their mom is making internet radios these days, but this little WiFi number, the Noxon2Audio, looks incredibly Mac Mini-esque and can stream straight from the source or play a multitude of audio formats off of your PC. Yeah, sure, we know it's been done, but how about support for Windows Media Connect DRM10 — that's got to count for something right? No? Well how about S/P-DIF digital out, USB 2.0 host capability (control those MP3 players you have lying around), an IR remote, Ethernet port, and 802.11g in the WiFi department? Still not buying? Fine, whatever. We're taking our Noxon2 and going home, and you're not invited to our birthday party either.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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