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PSP on TV allows you to view PSP content…on your TV

Evan Blass

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psp on tv

So we're starting to see a new trend emerge, in the form of peripheral manufacturers' desire to slap products directly on the PSP's beautiful screen. First came the much-maligned, binocular-like Solid Eye gaming attachment that will ship with Metal Gear Acid 2, then came the now-it's-vaporware-now-it's- real PSP2TV, well, PSP-to-TV adapter, and now we've spotted yet another TV adapter solution, the PSP on TV. This latest contender seems to work in a similar manner to the PSP2TV, by capturing video from the console's screen and piping it through composite or S-video outputs to a peripheral display. Asian Toy Source, the PSP on TV manufacturer, goes to great lengths to assure us that their product is plug-and-play, with no warranty-voiding hardware modding necessary, although the small print goes on the say that the unit is for "educational purposes only," and that the company "will NOT be responsible for any damage that might occur to your PlayStation 2 console due to the installation, attempt at installation, or use of any product available for sale here. It is the customer's FULL responsibility." Way to scare us off, guys. The PSP on TV is scheduled for a November release, at around the $100 price point.

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