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Sharp releases W-ZERO3 / WS003SH qwerty Pocket PC

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sharp W-ZERO3 / WS003SHSharp W-ZERO3 / WS003SH

Take one dash HTC Wizard / Apache, a heaping spoonful of HTC Universal, a pinch of Zaurus, mix liberally with Japanese engineering, bake at 375°, and you've got Sharp's new Universal killer, the W-ZERO3 / WS003SH being released on Willcom. Hm, "Universal killer," didn't think we'd be saying those words so soon, eh? But this sucker runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC, and has a 3.7-inch VGA touchscreen, 416MHz Xscale processor, 128MB of flash, 64MB of RAM, a MiniSD slot, mini-USB, 802.11b, W-SIM, and a 1.33 megapixel camera. Ah, this fickle heart, how easily swayed we are. Oh, and if you thought the Universal was hugemongous, well, the W-ZERO3 is still freaking ginormous at 70 x 130 x 26mm (2.75 x 5.1 x 1.0-inches) and 220g (7.75oz), but that's a bit less than the 127 x 81 x 25mm/285g size n' weight on the HTC, so chew on that.

[Via Akihabara News]

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