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SureShotGPS brings GPS to golf course worldwide

Marc Perton


There are still golfers who think using GPS on the course is cheating, but they're probably the ones who are still relying on their caddies or their memory to get an idea of what the terrain is like up ahead. The rest are busily studying their handheld units as they tool around in their carts. Now an Australian company, Tee2Green Technologies, is marketing the SureShotGPS, a golf-specific GPS receiver that the company says will be the first to be usable on courses all over the world. The SureShot has a 2.2-inch display, can hold data for 10 courses at once, and syncs with a PC via USB. The device will initially come preloaded with maps of a handful of Australian courses. The company aims to have all of Australia's major courses added to a web site for free downloading within six months; international courses will follow (and maps can also be added manually). The SureShotGPS is available now for $585 AU (or about $440 US).

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