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Warner Bros. joins Blu-ray Disc Association Board of Directors

Ryan Block, @ryan
Warn a Brother

Well, well, the plot thickens. HD DVD's biggest exclusive proponent, Warner Bros., announced after-hours today that they're going to support Blu-ray. We placed a bunch of calls to find out whether this was going to be an exclusive or mutual arrangement, but we weren't able to get a straight answer—but we have to suspect they'll be at very least favoring Blu-ray being that they're, you know, sitting on the freaking Board of Directors. This after HD DVD's other big exclusive studio, Paramount, took a dip in the Blu-ray pool announcing dual-format support? Ouch. For those that believe this battle isn't going to be fought and won based on price and marketing, but almost solely on studio support, well, the advantage is now heavily in Blu-ray's favor.

P.S. -You better believe we updated our Blu-ray vs HD DVD: State of the Union Division on this one.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: So we got word back—Warner is committing to both formats and isn't entirely leaving HD DVD in the lurch.

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