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Ask TUAW: how do you keep your Mac clean?

David Chartier

This week's Ask TUAW is coming from reader XIV, who's a recent Mac switcher with an iMac and is interesting in our thoughts on how to keep it clean. XIV writes: "...I've found out that my keyboard isn't that easy to wash up. There's also the fact that I don't know if there's some miracle product to wash up my iMac."

So what say ye, TUAW readers? What tools, chemicals and fabrics do you use to keep your Mac and its display lookin' like new? Let's also not limit this just to desktops or iMacs. PowerBook and iBook owners should feel free to reveal their Mac hygiene secrets as well.

Also, as a reminder to all y'all reading out there: Ask TUAW is a weekly segment that is fueled by questions from readers like you. Use our tips form to send us a question with the subject "Ask TUAW" and we'll post one each week.


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