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HDTV heads up "5 Technologies to Watch"

Kevin C. Tofel

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) published their "Top Five Technologies to Watch in 2006" report this week. Topping the list is recordable high-definition content, something near and dear to our hearts. Some of the 41-page .pdf report tells us what we already know, of course. "A new age is about to dawn with the widespread ability to receive and record HD content at home."

Yes, some of us early HD-adapters are ahead of the curve and already receive and record HD content. I was surprised however, to see that only 1 in 10 households have a DVR or Digital Video Recorder. Then there's this interesting note in the article with regards to the high-def DVD "format war": CEA feels that the format is irrelevant; the format with most compelling content will be the victor. I have to agree from a consumer standpoint. If I take my "geek hat" off for a minute, I really don't care about the technology and how it works, I only care about the pretty picture on my HDTV! Ok, my hat's back on now.

CEA Report in PDF format


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