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NTT DoCoMo intros "Multinumber" service, Push-to-Talk

Liam McNulty

NTT DoCoMo is introducing their "Multinumber" service in Japan, allowing users to have two phone numbers for the same handset. Rather than slicing and dicing those SIM cards, it's probably easier to pay the monthly 500 yen (~$4.32) fee, but what might be best part of the new service is how you can have the bills for each number be sent to two distinct locations: your private number bill comes to your house, and your work number bill goes to straight to Accounting. So far DoCoMo's 700i, 701i, 901i, and 902i series handsets support the new service. Oh, and the company is also introducing a Push-to-Talk service, that's similar to PTT services offered here in the US. Users will be charged either a flat 1,000 yen per month or pay 5 yen per push, which can last up to 30 seconds.

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