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Sony FWD-series LCD and plasma displays for business

Marc Perton

sony fwd-40lx1 lcd

Don't expect to find Sony's new FWD-series plasma and LCD displays in your neighborhood electronics shop — unless they're being used in the foyer to provide info about the store. The series — which includes the 32-inch FWD-32LX1R and 40-inch FWD-40LX1 LCD displays, and the 50-inch FWD-50PX2 plasma — are designed for professional applications like videoconferencing, advertising displays and hotel use. All models support an optional networking card, which lets them be controlled remotely; the networking card also includes a CompactFlash (that's right, not Memory Stick!) slot to store images that can be loaded locally. Sony says that the FWD-40LX1 (pictured) is designed for use in hotel rooms, as it fits into existing TV cabinets. The two LCDs will sell for $2,100 and $4,400, while the plasma — which boasts a 10,000:1 contrast ratio — will be $3,900. Yes, the 50-inch plasma will cost less than the 40-inch LCD. Maybe those hotel owners should get that instead, and use the extra cash to pick up some new furniture.

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