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The next step in HDTV domination: In-flight movies

Matt Burns

The past few weeks we've explored a few of the ways that HDTV will become the dominating way to watch TV. First, we went down the road that led us to less expensive high definition. Then, we explored the role that women will have in the future of this superior digital signal. Now, the next way that we're going to succeed in this global takeover is in-flight movies.

No, seriously, the best way to make someone pay attention to what you have to say is take away every other distraction they have. Do you know that there are over 3 million people flying everyday so that makes at least 2.9 million bored people? Put a high-def projector in front of them running 'classic' HD shows such as Lost and CSI and then follow it up with a little education program like "You just watched Lost in HD and this is how you get it at home."

Now take it a step farther and put HDTVs in malls across America. Many malls have TVs that run CNN and such, but they're often bad quality. In their defense though, they are not there to sell something but rather provide an alternative form of enjoyment. If you get dragged to the mall, what's better than sighting a TV with a couch/bench in front of it? Put 'live' high definition such as HD Net or INHD (none of that half and half high-def that ESPN HD has) with simple brochures that explain HD and where to get more information. (Like HD Beat)

So between the 3 million daily flyers and let's say 10 million mall shoppers you reach 10% of them. That equates to 1.3 million people seeing and enjoying the quality of high definition every day. But more importantly, through the video short at the end of the in-flight movie and the brochures in the mall, they will know more about HD.

And knowing is half the battle.

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