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Pantech & Curtel's Far Infrared deodorizing phone

Ryan Block, @ryan
Pantech & Curitel Far Infrared

Cellphones that clean themselves are so 2004, what's next is cellphones that clean other things they come in contact with (or are in the vicinity of). Pantech & Curitel's new phone makes use of "Far Infrared," something apparently known (in some parts of the world) for promoting good health and their deodorizing properties, like, say, getting the stink out of your bag or pouch (or perennially unwashed jeans, as it were). But if that pitch wasn't enough to rope you in, it does have an MP3 player and 1.3 megapixel digital camera. But we won't kid our smelly selves, we want it for the deodorizing action, plain n' simple.

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