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PlayStation 3 puts censorship in parents' control

Save a discussion with the Tokyo government, Sony confirmed that the PS3 would feature a comprehensive system for controlling accessible content. Sony has made a firm commitment to put the power in the hands of parents, taking some heat off of the developers, publishers, and retailers that have been under attack in recent months. A built-in parental control system is hardly a new concept, but perhaps by spreading awareness about this feature to parents, we can prevent governments from censoring what can and can't be featured in a video game; and prevent them from taking severe action against publishers and retailers that distribute this content.

During the same discussion, several publishers (including Square-Enix and Namco) reiterated that before any government takes action, we must be certain that there is a correlation between violence in video games and youth crime. But before this is decided, do you think a user-friendly (but hard to crack) parental control system will keep concerned parties satisfied?

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