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720p Xbox 360 trailers

Kevin C. Tofel

That was quick; you gotta love the web. Earlier this morning, I was ranting a little about the lack of 720p game trailers on the updated Xbox site. It didn't take long before one of the Xbox MVPs provided a little more insight. Matt Gerlach pointed out that the high-def trailers are available on a Microsoft download site. [Thanks, Matt!]

Head on over to download and view to your heart's content; just be sure to come back here and comment on the better ones since these files can be fairly large! I still stand by my original rant that Microsoft is missing out on some marketing here. Why not tout the high-def aspect on the newly updated site?

Sure, the hard-core gamers have likely seen these trailers since they were out in August. What about the rest of the market, especially those who are new to the HDTV world? These folks won't be hitting the gamer sites first, they'll be hitting the home page to console. Every day that passes without highlighting the 720p trailers on the Xbox site is a lost day of marketing two ultra-hot technologies right before the holiday season.


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