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Star Wars III point V in high def

Kevin C. Tofel

So if you're wondering what happens to Luke and Leia during their early, formative years, looks like you'll get your chance. Producer Rick McCallum previously announced a few additional Star Wars projects; no, no: don't get your lightsaber out of the closet just yet. We're not talking about movies here, we're talking about some television features.

One project will be an animated series, but the other will be live-action. Better yet, that one will be in high-definition! No need to upconvert your Star Wars DVDs to count the grains of sand outside of Mos Eisley, just hold off until the new live-action programs hit the high-def airwaves! These programs are expected to bridge a little of the gap between Episodes III and IV; hence my dubbing them "III point V." May the 1080p be with you my young padawan learners!

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