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One HD download and a popcorn, please

Kevin C. Tofel

Looks like Mark Cuban isn't the only one looking to release movies in theaters and in homes at the same time: Joe Kane was showing off Samsung's vision at the recent CEDIA Expo. Actually, the implications of what he was showing were so big, Samsung wisely held the demo just off-site. See, Joe has a prototype download server that could be built in to a high-definition television set.

The premise behind the prototype is the release of downloadable current movie content on a small device that does one thing, but does it well: it coordinates content downloads and stores them for limited playback. So in theory, a movie is released on the big screen, but you can watch it in high-def on your own big screen for say $12. The price for such a device is rumored around $300, which doesn't sound too bad. Oh yeah, bring your own broadband and popcorn.


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