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BenQ FP93G X LCD also reaches 2ms

Evan Blass
benq fp93g x

We know, we know: everyone is sick and tired of us covering this silly competition among LCD manufacturers for fastest response time. Well instead of sitting there and griping like a lazy lump, you can either get off your butt and write a letter to your conservative Congressman or send a donation to anti-videogame crusader Jack Thompson; you see, less video games available for purchase = less gamers in the market for monitors = less incentives for Viewsonic and company to wage this war of milliseconds. But until you all throw down your controllers in disgust, we will continue to cover products like the FP93G X, a new 19-inch display by BenQ that manages to match the Viewsonic VX922's short-lived response time record of 2ms (although we're not sure that their use of "Advanced Motion Acceleration" makes the victory totally kosher) . Stay tuned for the next episode in this ongoing saga (which will most likely be tomorrow), when we bring you yet another gratuitous "world's fastest display."

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