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Spoilt brat screams abuse at mom over Xbox Live


Spoilt BratA video posted at Google's video site last July shows a disturbing modern example of an argument between a child and his mother. The video, which is a recording of a Rainbow Six clan match over Xbox Live, shows a young child screaming to his mother "get me some mother****ing chocolate milk" and refusing to stop playing the game.

Given the obvious link between the game and the child's increasing visciousness towards his mother, the video shows a clear idea of what video games can do to young children. It's also shows the reason why parents should impose limits on their child's gaming time. There's also a question raised about why the child was playing the game given that Rainbow Six is rated Mature (a rating that requires the purchaser to be 17 or over). How did the child obtain the game and why did the mother allow him to play it — even if you ignore the child's extremely bad behaviour?

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WARNING: This video is definitely NOT work safe.

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