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Sprint to roll out national WiMax network

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sprint + WiMax

Sprint gets it — the future's in not necessarily cellular high speed wireless communications, something like WiMax (or WiBro, Flash OFDM, etc.), per se. PCS Intel also has it that apparently Sprint's coming up roses with laying the groundwork for next-gen wireless broadband because of their DoD deal; looks like they're planning a nation-wide rollout with an even broader coverage base than their existing cellphone network (which shouldn't be too hard, considering how long-range WiMax is). Of course, being that the WiMax standard is still in the oven, so to speak, by the time the DoD takes the iDEN network off their hands (and supposedly switches up bands), they'll be able to rebuild their spectrum with whichever kind of network they please, WiMax, 3G, 4G, or otherwise.

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