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Fujitsu concept keyboards redefine ergonomics

Marc Perton


Fujitsu showed off some concept PCs with interesting keyboards at the WPC Expo in Tokyo, without providing a whole lot of info about what they actually do. Rather than let that stop us, we've decided to check them out and extrapolate functionality based on visual cues (also known as making it up). We figure that the first PC pictured above has an OLED-based virtual keyboard that can be reconfigured as needed; sort of a flat-panel Optimus.


The second obviously folds over, though it doesn?t look very ergonomic, with the display sitting on the left side. As for this third model, we figure it?s an info appliance for execs who are too busy and important to do anything but scroll through docs and hit enter to approve them. Why deal with a full-sized keyboard when you can just buzz your assistant to handle your typing?

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