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Maxian T600 PMP with direct video recording

Marc Perton

maxian t600Here's an answer to the age-old question of how to get video onto your portable media player without spending hours ripping, decrypting and encoding — and, no, it doesn't involve using iTunes. The Maxian T600 is one of a growing number of PMPs with that most coveted feature: the ability to record video directly from a television or other source, such as a DVD player. The T600 also includes a timer mode, so you use it as a quasi-DVR; allows transfer of videos back to a PC; and supports USB OTG so you can offload videos to an external drive without going through the PC first. The T600 also includes a 20 or 30GB drive, a 4-inch widescreen display and the ability to play back DivX, Xvid and most other video formats.

[Via AVing]

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