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Baltimore Ravens don't think size matters

Matt Burns

While the Dolphins went with HD in the 'shocking and awe' style via a 145-foot LED 720p screen, the Baltimore Ravens head the old saying that size does not matter. Instead of one big HD screen, they installed 177 plasmas and LCDs by Panasonic. Nice.

This way when a person pays for the club setting or the suites, then don't have to get out the opera glasses to see the action. The press release states that they love the great picture quality, so let's assume that they put HD on the sets. (you would be surprised at the amount of HDTVs in public places that do not have HD, well maybe you would not be...) Plus, the Ravens themselves where not left out of the HD action 'cause they had over a 100 panels installed at their training facility.

The best thing though is they choose quality in light of their quantity. I'm sure that you've watched Cribs before and seen four or five plasmas in a 'playas' house, but they were all Sylvanias or some random off-brand. Not good enough for Baltimore: the Ravens decided to go with all 8th generation Panasonic panels.

Have anyone seen these TVs at M&T Bank Stadium. Did they do a good job installing them and do they have HD?


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