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Cowon iAudio A2 reviewed

Marc Perton

Cowon A2

We've been waiting a long time for the Cowon iAudio A2 — we got our first look at it way back in January — and now that you can finally buy it (in Korea or on eBay, that is), was it worth the wait? PMP Maniac got their hands on one, and found that, with its 4-inch display, good battery life and solid video quality (at resolutions of up to 640x480), the A2 is "an excellent entry into the fast growing market of new generation Portable Media Players." The big question is whether customers will be willing to drop over $500 for the 30GB version, when $100 less will get you a Zen Vision (and, of course, if you have to have it now, you can expect to pay as much as $700 for the A2, via enterprising eBay merchants).

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