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Team Engadget Folder gets to 10k points! Next to 100k gets a Tokyo Flash watch!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Folding@home / Engadget

Wow, that wasn't long at all. We thought it'd take you guys at least a week to get your Fold on to 10,000 points. But our man quantum_mechanic, holding steady in first (well, second, actually), hit 10,000 points late last night in order to pick himself up a nice Tokyo Flash watch. Well, good on him, but we're not through yet.

Tokyo Flash watchYou guys have been amazing producers, so we're gonna keep the contest going—this time the first folder (who isn't quantum_mechanic) to hit 100,000 points will also get a Tokyo Flash watch themselves (same as before, you may well not get the watch pictured, since we're not sending 'em out). So get cranking, people! What part of disease-free-utopia don't you understand?

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And yes, we're working on forums, but feel free to solicit help from your fellow Folders on our comment boards for the time being.

Ready to go? Ok!
Team Engadget's F@H team ID is: 39227

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