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Mukana cellphone/GPS sash for the visually impaired

Evan Blass

We have a knack here for suggesting products that eventually turn into real gear, as is evident by the Mukana wearable cellphone for the visually impaired, which incorporates a GPS module just like we suggested a few weeks back with the ARMadillo. So far the Mukana, which is basically a Neoprene sash with a cellphone pocket and Bluetooth headset, is at the concept/prototype stage and is being developed by the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired, the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and the Technical Research Center of Finland. Mukana allows users to input queries either by voice or through a Braille keypad embedded in the fabric, and receive spoken directions or information via the wireless headset. For our next prediction, we envision some AI software that scours the web for interesting stories and sums them up in a snarky and occasionally offensive manner. Programmers, go forth and do our bidding…

[Via textually]

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