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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9


Sony T9

Sony was never one to just sit back and watch the other manufacturers throw down the tiny tiny cams; so they're at it again with their new Cyber-shot DSC-T9, a 6 megapixel shooter that goes for the whole "I'm sized just like your credit card," shtick that's all the rage these days. It's not as thin as that DSC-T7 craziness, but we're digging the look all the same. Lest you believe we're all about the physicality of this device, which we are, they're packing a 3x zoom and optical image stabilization (into this 0.80-inch thick camera), along with 58MB of built-in memory and a 30FPS VGA movie mode. Along with the camera, which should be available November 18th for around $400 (at least in Japan), Sony is being nice enough to offer a underwater housing for another hundred, so you can tote your fashion cam wherever that fashionable life of yours might take you.

[Thanks, Roygbiv]

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