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Blackberry 8700 reviewed by AP

Marc Perton

small blackberry 8700The rest of us may have just gotten our hands on it, but Bruce Meyerson of the AP has actually spent two whole weeks checking out Cingular's Blackberry 8700, and he's come away mostly impressed. Though Meyerson gives the 8700 some dings for its slightly smaller keyboard and a track wheel that "seems a tad chintzy," his overall impression was of a unit that "will please BlackBerry devotees on many fronts." In particular, Meyerson likes the more phone-like profile of the 8700, the inclusion of dedicated Send and End buttons, and a display that he calls "brilliant." Of course, as Meyerson points out, the 8700 is still a business-first device, with no camera or music functions, but for users looking to combine telephony with email, Meyerson says it gets the job done.

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