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Jack Thompson: Sony committing "Pearl Harbor 2"

Ross Miller

Pearl Harbor movie poster (225)We know that many of you feel we should let the Jack Thompson thing go—that we are doing exactly what he wants by posting all these stories. Well, some of what he says and does is so crazy that we feel morally obligated to inform you about the newsworthy goings-on of our iconic anti-game activist. In his latest press release, announcing his involvement in the "GTA cop killer" trial taking place in Alabama, Thompson has possibly outdone himself in offensive language.

In his own words:

Oh, and certain regional governments in Japan have banned the sale of the Grand Theft Auto games to minors, but Japan?s Sony has no problem whatsoever dumping this garbage into American kids? brains. Looks like Pearl Harbor 2 by Sony/Take-Two?

Yes, on the eve of the GTA cop killer trial in Alabama, Jack Thompson has accused Sony of committing a Pearl Harbor on America. He even confirmed and reiterated his highly offensive comment to GamePolitics: ?The Japanese have for a very long time dumped pornography [violent video games] into this country in a fashion they would not tolerate in their own country. It is another version of Pearl Harbor.?

Jack Thompson also wrote a letter to Japanese ambassador Ryoto Kato, calling for the ?hypocrisy? of the Japanese government to be remedied. Please keep your comments clean and on-topic.

[Thanks, Ken C.]

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