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Notebook, desktop, HDTV and MIDI keyboard?

Kevin C. Tofel

Ok, so it doesn't have the functionality of those old Casio MIDI keyboards, but it sure looks like these girls are playing a tune, no? Actually, they're showing off the latest "all-in-one" from Samsung that was just announced. The M70 functions as a laptop, but you can remove the 19-inch high-res screen to use it in desktop mode too. The 1680 x 1050 screen exceeds the 720p standard for HDTV and I noticed something interesting in the Korean press release: I noticed that I can't read Korean worth a darn.

Luckily, Babelfish does read Korean (and many other languages!), so I got a rough translation of the gobbledy-gook release. The interesting tidbit: "Also the world wide T.V function is had built-in with a this together and it supports all T.V standard of the world-wide various nations of course."  Sounds to me like there is some type of built in tuner, although we can't tell if it's a digital tuner or if it would be compatible here in ATSC-land.

That's OK, even if it doesn't, the Samsung girls sure look like they're rockin' out with the new M70. They look so happy, I don't think they would care if the screens didn't work at all!

Read in Korean [via Akihabara News]


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