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You're in Charge: What would you change about iChat?

David Chartier

Alright boys and girls, since last week's "You're in Charge of Apple Mail" received such an awesome response, I figured I'd give it another go this week with iChat. Sure it's seen some Apple love with no-fuss audio and video chat features, a non-crucial bug fix and the Jabber protocol. Now with 10.4.3 .Mac member messages can be encrypted, and the bubbles sure are cute. But in my opinion, iChat still needs some serious help to get dragged out of 1995. The lack of tabbed chatting (while tabs are infesting nearly every other app's UI) is nearly insulting, and while iChat can log chats to your ~/Documents/iChats folder, there's no easy way to search or browse (Spotlight doesn't count) those logs without 3rd party apps, i.e. - those logs are frigging useless without someone else's development efforts. (But don't get me wrong, I heart Logorrhea.)

So, here comes another "You're in Charge". Same drill, different app: let's say iChat development is up to you. What would you change, fix, add or rip out? Would you fire the intern who screwed up your latte order, or just put him on bathroom duties for a week? Let's hear it.


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