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Nokia embraces UPnP with new N-series additions


Nokia N80 (in hand)

A lot more live shots of the new N71, N80, and N92 additions to the Nokia N-Series over at PhoneScoop. And while you're enjoying your pr0n, consider this: as Phone Scoop points out, two of the new 802.11g flauntin' 3G cellphones, the media-savvy N80 and DVB-H enabled N92, also feature Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and streaming technology standardized by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) — which is really sweet and about damn time. See, UPnP works on any device with an IP address allowing it to automagically discover, interact, and control other UPnP devices in, say, the digital living room. So imagine coming home and using your 10GB Samsung cellphone or Apple iPhone to stream all your videos, photos, and music over WiFi to your monster 13.1 channel sound system and 80-inch plasma. Now you understand our buzz and frustration since there are so few UPnP devices on the market today. Let's hope 2006 changes that. More pics after the break.

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Nokia 3230 vs N92 vs 6230

Nokia 3230 vs N92 vs 6230

Nokia 3230 vs N92 vs 6230

Nokia 3230 vs N80 vs 6230

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