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Other deets on new Treos and HTC surface

Ryan Block, @ryan
Lowrider Treo

We also just got some more news about what's going on with the Treos, this time not only from Palm's side of the game, but also from HTC's. According to a leaked analyst report from a very well known firm that we got our hands on, Palm plans switching large amounts of ODM orders from HTC to Inventec Appliance in late Q1 2006, with expectations of eventually primarily partnering with Inventec for device-making. According to the analyst report, Treos account for 15-20% of HTC's device sales, which is very interesting — but what's even more interesting are the details about two new Treos probably being planned with Inventec. The first is codenamed "Hollywood," and is supposedly going to be a very thin 3G device with no external antenna; the second is the "Lowrider" (we'll save you the obligatory War reference), which could well be the same lower end consumer device we just heard about from Caris & Co.

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