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MonstersHD scares WB into movie rights

Kevin C. Tofel

Score another one for those folks over at VOOM HD networks; they just inked a deal with Warner Brothers for distribution rights on 44 classic horror flicks. Some of the original films and creature features include originals such 1933's  "King Kong"  and "Mighty Joe Young" from 1949, based on a press release that just hit my Inbox.

If you're into more recent horror movies, there's also a bunch of Stephen King films in the deal; "Salem's Lot" and "Children of the Corn", both of which scare the pants off of me in SD, let alone HD. What's that? I forgot to mention these will be in high-def? C'mon folks, this is MonstersHD!

As part of the deal, each of these films will be remastered in high-definition, which is awesome. Before I start getting comments about upconverting old films, that's typically not what happens. Take a gander at these examples of films transfered to digital video as they provide a high level idea of the process and output. They also have a nice illustration of widescreen vs. Pan & Scan, so you get a bonus at no extra charge.


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