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Olympus m:robe MR-F30 reviewed

Marc Perton

mrobe f30We're as surprised as anyone that Olympus hasn't thrown in the towel on the m:robe line of audio players yet, though the company may be selling just enough of them to carve out a niche among buyers who want a distinctive looking player, even if it doesn't do a whole lot more than any other player on the market. That certainly seems to be what the m:robe MR-F30 is all about. CNet Asia checked out the flash-based player, and found that the most interesting thing about it is its design, which includes a chunky navigation barrel and a bright-but-small OLED display. Other than that, the features are fairly me-too, including a poorly implemented FM radio and limited image viewing. Somehow, we suspect that this one isn't exactly going to be leaping off of shelves this holiday season.

[Thanks, yoyomama]

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