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LG intros an HD "time machine"

Kevin C. Tofel

Well that's what they call it, anyway. Here in the 'States, we call it a PVR or DVR, but why quibble when one of the top display manufacturers kicks out what looks to be a solid Windows Media Center? Once again, I'm cobbling info together from the Korean translation, so bear with me. (Me thinks I need to go back to college for some additional foreign language training if this keeps up!)

So what's under the hood? Well, the DV50K-PM601 computer has what LG calls a "full-HD" tuner card, making me wonder if it can record and playback in 1080p. You'll store all of your video content on a super-fast 200 GB drive capable of 150 Mbps transfers. A gig of RAM and a 3 Ghz Intel processor with 800 Mhz front side bus will keep the data flowing faster than you can say "I hate SDTV!". The price in won: 1,490,000 without a display, which comes to $1,423 at today's exchange rate.

Read (Korean) [via Akihabara News]


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