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R.O.B. a hidden character in Mario Kart DS

Dan Choi

ROB in Mario Kart DSSecret characters in a kart game are to be expected, but few foresaw a robotic character like this.

The Robotic Operating Buddy (known as "R.O.B." to his friends) will be making a special appearance in Mario Kart DS next week, along with a few other characters you can see here.

R.O.B. also showed up in F-Zero GX for the Nintendo GameCube, but the classic Koopa Troopa appears to be curiously missing in the DS version of MK. What, more Waluigi and no Koopa? The world can be a cruel place sometimes. How long will cries of "Let my Koopa go" go unheard?

(On a side note, word on the street is another secret character may be available for purely offline play. Hold on, Nushio, just a Shy Guy? Bah.)

[Thanks, Abhinav]

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