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Reggie spills the beans: Nintendo's next-gen tactics + DS nip-tuck

Nintendo DS

In an article with CNN/Money, Reggie Fils-Aime (of Nintendo USA) has outlined the N's plan for the next-generation console war. According to Reggie, Nintendo has "learned some lessons with the GameCube that we need to apply to the Revolution". These lessons include the design of the GameCube, which even senior officials in the company agree is childish. However, it seems Nintendo hasn't learnt all their lessons. Their policy of no High Def for the Revolution hasn't changed.

In other news, Reggie dropped a hint towards an upcoming DS design tweak. Apparently "as soon as [the DS] was launched, [Nintendo] started looking at ways to tweak it visually." Does that mean we could be seeing a less podgy, more slimline DS from Nintendo soon?

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