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A new Emmy award for small screen entertainment


The New York Times has the scoop on an upcoming Emmy Award category for original video content that's targeted at computers and mobile devices such as cellphones and of course, the iPod with video. There were 136 Emmy categories last year, whose titles seem to delve into the increasingly obscure, but this one seems to have some promise since we're seeing a definite surge in the content aimed at our tiny screens. Pixar, Fox, MTV, and Warner Brothers all have shows and shorts in the works, and the other day we made a way rad skate video at a QVGA resolution, so we're hoping that will make the nomination list and spice up the proceedings. (Peter totally landed a 180 Boneless over Ryan, we kid you not.) Sadly the new category won't be included in those fancy shmancy prime-time Emmy Awards but the more specialized award shows, starting with the next presentation of Sports TV related Emmys.

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