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Sony's DRM now for Macs too


Looks like Sony's DRM rootkit, loved by all, has been ported to the Mac. Sort of. Seems Sony has put a little installer which, upon entering your username and password, will happily install a couple of kernel extensions into your OS. Remember the names PhoenixNub1.kext and PhoenixNub12.kext, because those two naughty boys will be under the microscope over the next few days. They are made by the good folks at SunnComm, who can apparently hear the future...

I'd agree with Darren Dittrich's concern over kernel extensions in general. But just because a EULA says they're going to install them, doesn't make it right. If I tell you I'm going to mug you, that doesn't go too far in court either. So I'm never going to complain about an app not being developed for the Mac again. Apparently there's always time for the DRM. Just remember folks, never give your username and password to strangers.


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