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LCoS production gearing up

Matt Burns

Here is some good news: LCoS back panel wafers are being produced in mass quantities. (Finally!) The LCoS monster stood the test of time against many large companies like Intel and Philips. No one could produce the wafers and keep defective units to a minimum. Well, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. figured out how and can now produce the 1080p chips in mass quantities.

LCoS offers so many benefits over LCD, so it's nice to see them finally made in mass quantities. Hopefully we will start to see a bigger selection of them sometime soon. Currently, JVC's D-ILA and Sony’s SXRD are two of the best variants of LCoS on the market. They are also some of the best rear-projection TVs you can buy.

Have you had the opportunity to see the difference between one of these LCoS sets and a rear-projection LCD? If you haven't you need to take trip over to a Best Buy or Circuit City.


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