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MediaCentral: New Mac Media Center Software

Damien Barrett

A developer by the name of Martin Hering is working on a new project called MediaCentral. Inspired by both Apple's Front Row and the CenterStage project, it aims to be a media center player for many media types. It's very early in development but there's a beta available if you'd like to try it. Supported TV devices are several of the EyeTV devices and there's support for both the ATI Remote Wonder and ATI Remote Wonder II remote controls.

Watching the emergence of several new media player softwares like this makes it clear that the home media center is the next paradigm shift in how we use the media available to us. The first company that can release a media center that's both sexy and usable will reap the benefits of the coming shift. I have to believe Apple knows this. I'm getting excited about an upcoming MacWorld Expo announcement for the first time in years.


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