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Aleratec's USB Copy Cruiser Plus does the data swaperoo

Aleratec USB copy cruiser 2

We're just never satisfied with where those gigabytes end up; as soon as they land on our iPod we've got a media hankering for the PSP, and that camera of ours seems to need a photo dump at the lamest times. That's why we're liking the Aleratec USB Copy Cruiser Plus, with its three USB ports including one mini, card reader capabilities, and a four line display for browsing the data of whichever devices are hooked up, including invisible files on an iPod. It takes three AAA batteries, and automatically powers the iPod, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the sitch. The reviewer at PSP Hacks found it to be a bit larger than he expected, but it worked plenty fast for swapping files from his PSP, and if you're already carrying a few data munching USB devices, what's one more?

[Via PSP Hacks]

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