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Christmas news flash: men want HDTVs

Kevin C. Tofel

There's nothing better than breaking a major news story here at HD Beat. Hold on to your hats because we've hit the mother lode! Sears recently held a "Wish Big" survey and we're astounded at the results! If you're sitting down, read on, but make sure you have no hot foods or liquids in your hands; we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself when you see the most wished for Christmas item that men want. Are you ready? Take a deep breath....

According to the "Wish Big" survey, men HDTV......holy crap, who would have thought of that! Will there be enough of these on the shelves? Did retailers prepare for this? Will there be a run on HDTVs like we saw in the 1980's with "Cabbage Patch Kids?"

Well, we're just honored to break this astounding news to you. Remember, we're scouring the news to report it AS it happens ONLY for you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, which couldn't possibly be as life-changing as this ground-breaking information. Before we forget: in a smaller but related story, Al Gore has come forth as the creator of HDTV.


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