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Sony pulls XCP CDs, offers to replace bought copies with regular CDs

Ryan Block, @ryan
Van Zant

We're not entirely sure why Sony had to wait this long to do it, but after the lawsuits, the feet-in-mouth, the suspended production and patches, and the general blizzard of really awful PR, looks like Sony's finally gotten to what should have been step one: pull the freaking CDs, and offer to replace them with regular CDs for those who've already bought. Apparently four million of these XCP copy-protected CDs were manufactured and 2.1 million have been sold to date — looks like this might pinch 'em in the pocketbook more than a little, but if this whole fiasco is what it takes to teach the industry a lesson about the pitfalls of poor practices in DRM, then so be it. More importantly, though, now we can finally listen to some serious Van Zant with peace of mind.

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