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Unkie Walt likes Engadget

Ryan Block, @ryan

In today's hard and soft versions of The Journal, Unkie Walt expresses his thoughts on the blogosphere (and sites of note). So nice of him to make mention of us first and foremost:

Every day, I scan dozens of blogs, on politics, sports, news, and, of course, personal technology — the topic I write about. Here are some of my favorite tech blogs. Like all blogs, these range from mere roundups of items elsewhere on the Web to outpourings of personal opinion. Some are more like journals, others lean more toward traditional Web sites. I don't vouch for their accuracy or thoroughness, but I do find them interesting and useful.

There are lots of blogs and Web sites aimed at general gadget lovers, but I recommend Engadget, at It's not deep on analysis or testing, but it rounds up most of the new stuff and surrounds it with short, snappy patter.

Aw, thanks — sorta gets us right here. We like you too — we only call you Unkie Walt because we look up to you 'n stuff. Well, kind of.

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