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Coby TF-DVD550 V-Zon, you know, for kids

Marc Perton

coby v-zon tf-dvd550Let's face it. Most portable media players for kids fail for one simple reason: lack of available programming on the proprietary media used by the players. So, just give the kids what they really want: a portable DVD player. That seems to be the rationale behind the Coby TF-DVD550 V-Zon, a portable DVD player with a 3.5-inch display and bright orange-and-silver case. The display (and probably the player's innards) looks like the same one used on the company's previous low-end portable DVD player, the TF-DVD500. Don't expect this to be all that rugged, but at just $100, it's not going to break the bank when the kid hurls it against a wall and shatters it.

[Via Red Ferret]

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