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Lie detectors for keeping you busy at airport security


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Lie Detector

Well, if they get by Team Engadget using the FriskerPRO all vigilante style, potential airport ne'er-do-wells (and all of the hapless passengers who live in fear of them) might soon have one more safety check to make it through: a walk-thorugh lie detector test. The passenger puts on headphones and is asked yes or no questions as to whether they are planning anything illicit; the GK-1 voice analyzer detects uncontrollable tremors in the voice of the baddies — or of people who just get freaked out at airport security terminals — who are then taken aside for further questioning. The system is in trials in Russia and out of 500 passengers the system pointed to the one who was planning something illegal. It should cost around $10,000 to $30,000 when they start selling it, which is a real steal for airport security equipment, so maybe they can install more than two or three and keep those lines moving.

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