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Netflix declares Blu-Ray the winner

Matt Burns

Have you ever wondered what format of high-def media Netflix is going to support? I have always guessed that they would simply have both of the disks available to their subscribers. The chief financial officer of Netflix, Barry McCarthy, gave a bit of insight through the eyes of an industry leader.

He feels that Blu-Ray has already won. They have all major studios supporting their format with the exception of Universal Studios. Even Warner, who sponsors HD DVD pledged to release movies on both formats. He also expressed his opinion that they are going to be priced at a 20% premium.

First reaction: I think he has a great points. Sony does have great support from all but one movie studio and a better "buzz" surrounding it. There are still the four hurdles to cross in order to move high-def movies from, dare I say, our niche market to mainstream.

Thanks for the tip from Davis of  Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection.


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